The COLEVO Decks enable larger traffic area or higher loading.

For existing bridges, the extreme lightweight COLEVO Decks offer an economically very interesting and technically often sole possibility to extend the bridge or to increase the service load, without increasing the dead load on the superstructure. This means also, after renovation with lightweight COLEVO Decks, your existing bridge structure can fulfill again the tougher standards, without need to reduce the allowed load on the bridge. 

New bridge constructions take advantage of the low weight of COLEVO Decks. Specifically in combination with large span or low service loads, the superstructure and abutments can be designed significantly slimmer and at lower cost. 

The COLEVO pedestrian extension decks, with anti-slippery polymer concrete wearing surface, are fully flexible in geometry and can be installed fast and easy. They require low maintenance and can be loaded by cleaning vehicles without any problem.

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