Pedestrian bridge over freeway A5, Community La Tène (NE)

COLEVO composite deck for bridge and ramp, bolted to steel structure for simple and fast installation

  • Bridge 66 x 5.5 m, rampe 89 x 3.3 m, total 663 m2
  • 24 deck-plates, steel plate for bolting bonded to lower side
  • Bridge main span 45 m over 5 traffic lanes of freeway
  • Pedestrian load 4 kN/m2 SIA 260 / 261, cleaning vehicle 10 kN point load
  • COLEVO deck weight only 56 kg/m2, including pavement

Installation 3.2015

Project executed in in cooperation with Sottas SA, Fruttiger AG and Mauler SA


  • Simple installation and accellerated construction within few hours during night, instead of using weeks
  • Reduction of work over freeway to a minimum with completely finished and ready to use deck
  • Additional savings achieved by avoiding protection scaffolding over freeway
  • De-watering of bridge integrated efficiently
  • Robust, watertight and corrosion resistance deck for reduced maintenance
  • Attractive lightweight-alternative to Holorib lightweight-concrete deck, allowing to achieve required dynamic behaviour of the bridge


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